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Located at the far East end of Upper Randolph Street . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 312-946-9467
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Looking for a unique team building event, or perhaps to add a competitive or interactive element to our wonderful Segway tour of Chicago?  Then either a Steve's Segway Scavenger Hunt (also known as the Specialty "Clue Tour") or a Steve's Segway Challenge (a bit like The Amazing Race with a lot of clue solving) is just right for you and your group!.  What are they, and what's the difference?  Please, read on.


Steve's Segway Challenge


A Steve's Segway Challenge is a bit scavenger hunt, a bit Segway tour, a bit "Amazing Race"-like, and an excellent team building event!  Each group is split into two or more teams, trained on how to ride a Segway properly and safely, and then issued clues to solve.  Each team has their own tour guide who will lead the team from destination to destination (determined by solving the next "Where To" clue), talk a bit at each destination (just like on one of our non-competitive Segway tours), then administer the next "Where To" clue.  The team has also been issued a set of "Sights" and "Challenges" clues.  These are in no particular order and can be found anywhere along the tour route.  Earning bonus points for solving a "Sights" clue is done simply by spotting what the clue is referring to, and taking a picture of it.  But to earn points for solving a "Challenges" clue requires the team to perfom some designated physical activity ("Challenge") on their Segways - while taking pictures and/or video of this, of course!


There is also an important purpose to the tour guide speaking at each destination, and it's not just to impart knowledge about our wonderful city of Chicago.  However, since some of your participants may be reading this after you inform them of the great news that they are going to be involved in a Steve's Segway Challenge, I think it best we keep that information "classified".


Steve's Segway Scavenger Hunt

The Steve's Segway Scavenger Hunt, also known as the Specialty "Clue Tour" if there is only one team, is for those looking for a more interactive experience than a Steve's Segway Tour, but a less intense, less competitive experience than the Steve's Segway Challenge.  This wonderful team building event has a larger "tour" element than the Steve's Segway Challenge, but lacks the "Amazing Race"-like physical challenges.  Participants are trained on how to ride a Segway properly and safely, and then issued clues to solve.  You can have multiple teams, each with their own tour guide as in the Steve's Segway Challenge, or go as just one group - working together, solving clues, and having a great fun time!




The price of a Steve's Segway Challenge is as follows:  Basically figure you are paying for a Private Segway Tour ($100 per person plus taxes and gratuity) with extras.  The price of a Steve's Segway Challenge is $100 per person plus taxes gratuity, plus $100 per team, with a $500 minimum.  Technically, you could have as few as 2 participants, each with his/her own tour guide, but this would still cost the $500 minimum, plus taxes and gratuity.  Notice that 4 participants would be only $100 more - 4x$100 per person + 2x$100 per team = $600 plus taxes and gratuity! 


The price of a Steve's Segway Scavenger Hunt (or Specialty "Clue Tour") is simply the price of a Private Tour - $100 per person plus taxes and gratuity, plus $100 per team minus $100, with a $254 minimum (same as a Private Tour).  That is, there no additional, or team, cost for a one team event, and $100 for each additional team.  However, if your group needs a discount, please don't hesitate to call, explain, and ask.  You never know.



Interested?  Please Contact Us immediately and we can discuss your group or organization doing a Steve's Segway Scavenger Hunt, or Steve's Segway Challenge.  You will love the unique combination of Segway tour and team building event!


By the way, if you linked to this page directly, and have not explored the rest of the Steve's Segway Tours web site, I strongly recommend you visit our Home page, read my message, and then a bit About Us.